Better Than Ben is a Veteran owned small business enterprise nestled in the Shenandoah Valley between in the unincorporated section of Warren County called Reliance.

Better Than Ben is an emerging apparel brand with a focus on original printed designs, superior quality and comfort, and remarkable customer service.

Company Core Values:

  • Integrity before anything else
  • Be excellent at everything we do
  • Be mindful of everyone and everything that brings our products to market and beyond
  • Do more than just exist

    Being Mindful of the Supply Chain:

    The apparel industry has a dirty little secret. In general terms, it does not take care of its workers and it is often times outright abusive. When we considered an entry into the overcrowded market of custom designed t-shirts and apparel, we were deeply concerned about being in a race to the bottom. There are far too many companies that are doing business by offering the lowest prices with low quality garments that are manufactured with less than desirable practices. This is not, and never will be, Better Than Ben.

    We are absolutely maniacal about locating and offering only products that we can 100% stand behind as having the following obdurate attributes:

    • No Forced Labor and no Child Labor
    • Livable wages at every point in the supply chain (no exceptions)
    • Health and safety of people and their work environment is paramount
    • Environmentally Friendly
    • All printed designs are original, unique, and copyrights are owned by Better Than Ben (unless we acknowledge in the product description that the design is legally licensed)

    Quite simply, each of our partners meet all of the high standards Better Than Ben expects from its ownership, employees, and associates. Again, no exceptions. We’re making the world a better place one customer at a time.


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